Bulmers Hereford

AD feasibility study

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ARL worked closely with the projects team at Hereford to undertake detailed design of the proposed AD effluent management facility. To find out how we can help you, please call now on 01244 344233 or use the "contact us" form below.

ARL Consulting undertook both a feasibility study and detailed design engineering for a proposed anaerobic effluent treatment plant at the main Hereford cider production plant. The installation was to act as a pre-treatment plant to reduce COD in both the apple mill and main process effluent stream prior to discharge to the Welsh Water sewage treatment works.

The design considered a number of important operational aspects such as:

  • Visual appearance and environmental impact (the site being in the city centre)
  • Odour and noise minimisation
  • Waste to energy options
  • Maximising COD removal utilising high rate anaerobic processes

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