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AD plant design and project management

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ARL Consulting worked closely with Glenmorangie to fulfill all their technical needs. To find out how we can help you, please call now on 01244 344233 or use the "contact us" form below.

ARL Consulting were commissioned to evaluate technical and commercial options for effluent treatment at both of the Glenmorangie whisky distilleries at Tain and Ardbeg, on the Isle of Islay.

This initial feasibility study resulted in the selection of the Tain distillery to be the site for a state of the art anaerobic digestion plant.

ARL Consulting undertook detailed design for the effluent plant and prepared a detailed specification and contract documentation, allowing the project to be tendered on the open market.

ARL undertook detailed negotiation with SEPA to determine the required effluent quality to allow discharge of high quality treated effluent to the Dornoch Firth. The AD plant included beneficial use of the methane in a dedicated biogas boiler to allow displacement of heavy fuel oil.

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Testimonial From Glenmorangie Distillery

Mark Brunton Testimonial

Mark Brunton

Glenmorangie AD plant project manager

"ARL Consulting were employed as our water and effluent management specialists to undertake an initial feasibility study and subsequently detailed design for our anaerobic digestion (AD) effluent plant for the Glenmorangie distillery at Tain. Throughout the project they have demonstrated a high level of engineering excellence and professionalism in all aspects of effluent management, as well as an intimate knowledge of the malt whisky distilling process."