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Bardney MBR effluent plant

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ARL Consulting worked closely with JDR at Bardney to establish predicted flows and loads and to manage the tendering and procurement process. To find out how we can help you, please call now on 01244 344233 or use the "contact us" form below.

ARL Consulting have recently undertaken a significant water and effluent management project relating to the proposed aerobic (MBR) effluent plant for the new Jordans Dorset Ryvita bakery at Bardney, Lincolnshire. ARL were selected as a result of their extensive experience in all aspects of water management relating to the food and drink industry. In addition, their experience of working with the Environment Agency, including the preparation of new discharge licence applications, was key to the selection of ARL.

The specialist work stages have included:

A full technical and commercial review of the effluent treatment options available. This included evaluating a number of physico chemical processes (DAF was selected) and aerobic processes (MBR was selected)

Negotiation with the EA and preparation of the application for the necessary EA permit to allow high quality discharge to the river Witham. As the site will be discharging directly to the River Witham via new discharge arrangements, the preparation of the application was a complex and detailed element of the study, and one in which ARL have extensive experience. The application was duly made, processed and a new discharge licence has been granted.

Preparation of a full technical and engineering specification. As well as including details of the processes to be included, the specification included a section on performance tests. This requires the contractor to prove, post construction, that the plant is essentially fit for purpose. Not only must it have been built to the required engineering standards, but must also achieve the required performance standards as detailed within the specification.

Management of the full tendering process and associated contractor selection. ARL advised a number of suitable contractors and then issued the tender documents on behalf of the client. The tender pack included the required terms and conditions for the contract. ARL also managed the tendering process, subsequent interviews and contract award.

Contract and Project Management. ARL also managed the construction contract on behalf of the client, ensuring the associated performance tests as detailed within the original specification.

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Testimonial From Jordans Dorset Ryvita

Richard Jones Testimonial

Richard Jones

Programme Leader

"ARL Consulting were employed as our water and effluent management specialists to undertake an initial feasibility study and subsequent tender management for our aerobic digestion (MBR) effluent plant for the new JDR bakery at Bardney. Throughout the project ARL Consulting have demonstrated a high level of engineering excellence and professionalism in all aspects of effluent management, as well as an intimate knowledge of the requirements of a food manufacturing process"