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Invergordon Anaerobic Digestion plant

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ARL Consulting worked closely with Whyte & Mackay to establish the most appropriate contract terms and conditions to allow final negotiation with the contractor. To find out how we can help you, please call now on 01244 344233 or use the "contact us" form below.

Whyte and Mackay are continually committed to operating their Invergordon distillery to the highest environmental standards, and as part of their continued commitment to ensuring the quality of the Cromarty Firth remains of the highest standards, this continues to be an issue of high priority. As part of this commitment, Whyte and Mackay have commissioned ARL Consulting to assist in a number of technical and commercial areas relating to an effluent treatment project currently under consideration.

The main drivers for this project are the need to replace the dark grains plant and to continue to increase the distillery operating efficiencies. ARL were therefore commissioned to review a number of technical areas relating to proposed flows and loads and to assess the most suitable process and techniques for effluent treatment, while concentrating on an advanced anaerobic process. In so doing, as well as achieving very high levels of COD removal, there is also the added benefit of producing large quantities of biogas (methane) which will help Whyte and Mackay to reduce their operational carbon footprint.

As a result of selecting the anaerobic digestion process, Whyte and Mackay expect to be almost gas neutral when comparing gas export to the grid with gas usage from the grid.

ARL were also tasked with compiling an appropriate Fixed Price Design and Build contract, including all of the Schedules, based on the IChemE Red Book contract.

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Testimonial From Whyte & Mackay

Ian Mackie Testimonial

Ian Mackie

Production Director

We employed ARL to act as our technical and commercial advisors on what is potentially a very complicated technical process and also to assist with preparing the complex contract documentation, which is of course essential for any design and build contract of this nature. ARL have shown themselves to be a very professional and competent water engineering company. In addition, because of their work throughout the Scottish distilling industry, they fully understand the drivers for projects such as these, as well as the operations of a distillery such as Whyte and Mackay at Invergordon".