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In the wake of ARL Consulting Limited's acquisition by FBW Engineering Services Limited, Ian Hampson has been appointed as the Managing Director of ARL.

 As a current director and co-owner at FBW, Ian's new role is designed to facilitate collaborative efforts with ARL's management team. He will work closely with ARL's founder, Simon Binion, ensuring a smooth and cohesive integration of operations post-acquisition.

Having taken the reins of FBW in 2016 through a management buyout, Ian, alongside co-owner Mike Dawber, has actively fostered growth and invested significantly in the business over the past eight years. Reflecting on his appointment, Ian said, "Mike and I share a passion for growth and have consistently invested in the business since our takeover. We've successfully elevated FBW's profile, securing clients both domestically and internationally.

"Integrating ARL into our portfolio was a logical progression for us, and I am privileged to assume this new role. I look forward to collaborating closely with the existing management team to guarantee clients experience both consistency and enhanced resources throughout our expanded offerings."


Wigan-based FBW Engineering Services Limited has acquired ARL Consulting in a six-figure deal completed today.

FBW aims to leverage ARL's specialist expertise in the food and beverage sector, providing valuable access to the industry. Simultaneously, ARL stands to benefit from the inclusion of FBW's Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) services, enhancing the overall value of its existing portfolio.

In a strategic move, both businesses will maintain their autonomy and operate independently under the umbrella of FBW Group; FBW co-owner and ARL managing director Ian Hampson said: “We are delighted to acquire ARL – the next natural step in our growth strategy.

“This deal provides us with the opportunity to explore new markets and integrate additional expertise into our business. ARL is a well-respected brand in the water and effluent treatment sector, with an impressive client portfolio and a specialist skillset that we are proud to invest in moving forward.”

FBW has worked with United Utilities, Costain, Eric Wright Water and MMB to deliver a multi-site, cross network service reservoir isolation programme.

To facilitate the inspection, cleaning and maintaining of a number of service reservoirs required a batch of projects that would allow these to be isolated from the water network, whilst maintaining water supply to customers.

Whilst the scope of works varied at each project, depending upon complexity of the local network, generally works consisted of secure temporary storage solutions and control changes to ensure water supply to consumers was maintained whilst large volumes of storage capacity were taken out of service.

Works have been completed around the North West of England at Low Abbey, Gorsehill, Winwick, Kerridge, Green Lane, Cross Hill/Heswall and Elmers Green.

Ian Hampson commented that, “The SR isolation projects have been extremely challenging.  There  are numerous interdependencies within the water supply infrastructure across the North West, meaning that taking several facilities offline at similar times has required meticulous design and planning.

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